Surprise Sunday - February 24 - 9/10 AM

Two Stories that might change your life!

Here is what we are about...

We at 1st Assembly recognize that the "Church" is not a building, but rather, it is comprised of unique individuals, created in the image of God, made to be like Him and for Him. We celebrate the life, ministry, death, resurrection, ascension and imminent return of Jesus Christ.  We affirm, as did the earliest disciples, our blessed hope promised to us by Jesus the Messiah, that we too can have a relationship with God and share eternity with Him. We believe that the "Church" is commissioned by Jesus to be the hope and light of the world. This charge is given to all Christians as a command to lead those in the darkness to God, wherein there is hope, life, meaning, value and the eternal.

1st Assembly is often a hospital for hurting people. Perhaps you have experienced, death, divorce, disease, doubts, depression, debt, or some other despair.  Everyone has a story and amazing things happen when Jesus becomes a part of that story. We hope that you allow Jesus to become part of your story. We have a simple way of sharing our mission. We state, "1st Assembly strives to love God, love life and love people."

Loving God

There is no greater command given to us than that of Loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. There is also no greater gift than Jesus Christ that would warrant such a response.

Loving Life

Life is precious, whether in the womb, over the hill, young or old, rich or poor, sick or well, life is the best thing that ever happened to any of us. We should strive to give life, the kind that Jesus desires to give as found in the gospel of John 10:10.

Loving People

Loving people is at the heart of 1st Assembly. We believe that God so loved the entire world, that He gave Jesus. Jesus in turn gave us a heart of "Missions", to tell the whole world that God is with us, His Holy Spirit will never leave us, and He has saved us. Perhaps the best summation of the Gospel could go something like this: He (Jesus) left His place, He (Jesus) came to our place, He (Jesus) took our place and the place of sin on the cross, He (Jesus) prepared a place for us in Heaven, and He (Jesus) invites you and I to His place for all Eternity. I hope that you will place Him (Jesus) in the very heart of your story and that you too can experience His Hope, Life, Meaning and so much more.